Battalion 1944 Wallpapers Hd: What we already know

Battalion 1944 — is a multiplayer shooter on the Second World War from Bulkhead Interactive Studios. Battalion 1944 promises online multiplayer, similar to the first game Call of Duty and Medal of Honor. Among the locations you meet Carentan, Bastogne and St. Mare Eglise. The game is being developed for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The output is planned for 2017.

Shooter on the Second World War, Battalion 1944 proved to be a great on Kickstarter, having collected the necessary sum in less than three days. However, the developers decided not to stop and increased the sum by putting themselves at the same time has a new goal, that is quite ambitious. Thus, when a certain amount of play will be included in one or another point.

So, the game offers not only visual improvement, but also a variety of innovations. For example: when the sum of £ 325,000 to the game will be «imported» British troops, as if typed £ 400,000, then Russian. In addition, if the fees reach £ 1,200,000 — the game is waiting for the single player campaign, which is so eager by gaming community. Developers recognize that the emphasis is always Battalion in 1944 will focus on multiplayer, but the single player campaign when the goal is sure to be, but at the same time takes a lot of time and money.

It’s no secret that the additional funding will never be superfluous, and only provide a higher quality, expensive game, with great opportunities and interesting. The project has great prospects for development and ambition are justified. Battalion 1944 has a great number of people interested in the game and many fans not only games based on World War II, but also fans of multiplayer. At the moment, the project has collected on Kickstarter already £ 285.393.

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