For Honor Wallpapers Hd: What we already know

Historical action, which on three-quarters consists of fights with swords. For fans of the Ubisoft Entertainment produced heaped battle system and interesting plot.

Events of For Honor take place in a fictional universe, where they met the three factions, in reality existed in different periods of history — knights, samurais and the Vikings — and, of course, immediately began to fight each other.

Despite the existence of the single player campaign, the main for For Honor it was originally called multiplayer. It has five modes: duel, duels, two by two, and three modes for teams of four players. In two of them allowed the revival — it is usual team battles, and battle for key points. In another mode, two teams fight until one of them is not to be deprived of all the fighters. In some modes are involved, and computer-controlled NPC — however, they are likely to act as extras and are not able to hold out for long against a live player.

Characters in the For Honor are divided into four classes. Vanguard — a very well-balanced men, who are equally good in attack and defense. Assassin — fast but poorly protected fighters that best reveal themselves in single combat. Heavy — heavy and well-protected characters. They are difficult to win, but they themselves very slowly inflict damage. Finally, the fourth class of hybrid — it combines interesting features of the previous three. Plus, each of the three factions has its own unique features. Much depends on the choice of weapons — so the number of combinations available in the For Honor count is not so simple.

The combat system is somewhat similar to fighting games, but given the fact that everything happens in three dimensions — so that the basic attack deals left, right and top, and to defend itself effectively, you need to be able to quickly react to what direction chosen opponent. Sami beats are divided into weak and strong, and always attack much will come, if only because that energy ends fighters.

For Honor Battle system was developed for a very long time — so many different combinations in the game. But in brief the bottom line is that the opponents are trying to deceive each other, changing the direction of attack and techniques, so that the enemy often mistaken and did not put the block. Since For Honor is a team game, there are possible situations when one fighter is fighting with two or three players. In this case, it simplified production unit, plus the meter begins to fill, «Revenge», which opens more powerful bonuses. However, despite these attempts to strike a balance, to win alone even two enemies For Honor — is extremely difficult.

For Honor interface has very powerful character customization — you can change the color of the skin, armor, put on these patterns, and even choose the coloring. Here, the game is not completely repeats reality — For Honor to a soldier can be colored, even defiantly orange.

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