Halo Wars 2 Wallpapers Hd: What we already know

Halo Wars first came out in 2009, and was engaged in the development of Ensemble Studios — authors of Age of Empires. Halo Wars was the last game of the studio, which was disbanded in the same year. However, for the second part of the hired no less famous designers — Creative Assembly, the authors of the famous series of Total War. According to Microsoft’s new strategy, the development of Halo Wars 2 originally was conducted under two equivalent platforms — PC and Xbox One. However, unlike some other similar projects, Halo Wars 2 do not have a compatible multiplayer — management too different, so that users of the platform certainly be in a better position.

If the first Halo Wars was a prequel to the events of the original Halo, the continuation of the story much better woven into the events of the main series. The game begins after the final Halo 5, and its events are largely plot «bridge» to the Halo 6. The main elements of the story — a confrontation between two commanders, Captain James Carter and the head of Group-of covenants mercenaries who are trying to seize the «Setting 00», one of the places where the Halo 3 story was unfolded. Like the first part, Halo Wars 2 has good storytelling through many beautifully painted rollers. The campaign consists of 13 missions, and play will be like for the people, and for the covenants.

Gameplay of Halo Wars 2 is created in such a way that is interesting and easy to play as on the PC, and the Xbox One. Many missions will manage a small group of soldiers, which sometimes comes reinforcement — it is important to know how to properly dispose of these forces. In tasks where there is a construction base, everything is done it is also quite simple: base consists of the command center, to which is attached a number of buildings, responsible for the production units and their modernization. Buildings are usually more than a place for them, so you need to or choose on which technique to bet, or to capture new positions, if possible. An important element of the game is the team — each of them pumped, getting access to powerful new skills, such as orbital attacks and treatment units. Each of the commanders in the game is unique, and his skills affect the style of play.

The actual gameplay is built on the principle of «rock, scissors and paper»: infantry beats aircraft, aviation is strong against vehicles and equipment — against infantry. Several knocked out of the scheme special units — they can develop in different ways to obtain the desired benefits.

Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer is almost confined to team play — almost all of the modes are designed for multiple players. Terms quite familiar to those who have already played in a strategy or shooters on the network. For example, in one of the modes of the two teams battle for control points — the party that holds the greater number of wins. Players will have to follow a rather complex tactics — to capture important not only points, but also the position for the construction of additional databases.

Note that if you are primarily interested in the multiplayer Halo Wars 2, you should pay attention to the version for the PC. For Xbox One gamepad developed amazingly convenient layout, which is sufficient for the passage of the campaign — but in multiplayer usual mouse and keyboard make it possible to cope with the troops much faster.

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