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American science fiction film based on the «Marvel Comics» stories. The protagonist of the film «Logan» (Logan) — Wolverine — is once again ready to fight with the old enemy, and rescue loved ones.

The protagonist of the film «Logan» — Logan (Hugh Jackman), also known as Wolverine — one of the most powerful mutants, has the ability to regenerate. He overcame many difficulties on their path of life, but age has taken its toll and Wolverine has lost almost all of its former strength. However, if his friends and family are in danger, and the old enemy raises his head, Logan still finds the strength to repel evil. In an interview with «Entertainment Weekly» Hugh Jackman admitted: «I, even after the first movie about Wolverine was not sure I want to do in the second. I do not want to promise, because I still love this character. But for very good reasons I need for a third film.

The past years have an effect, and the victory is much more difficult than one would imagine. But Wolverine, like a beast in the sunset of his life, ready to fight with the enemy — because at stake are life people close to him. The film’s producer Simon Kinberg spoke of «Logan» film: «This is a bold film that is very different from the previous ones on the Wolverine movie. The film takes place in the future, and the film will receive an age rating R: there are a lot of violence. Very cool movie «.

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