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American fiction melodrama directed by Morten Tildum. The film takes place in the distant future on a spaceship, which is sent to the search for new worlds. The main characters of the movie «Passengers» (Passengers) — Aurora and Jim — waking up in the 90 years before the planned date to live the rest of life together.

The film «Passengers» is set in the distant future on board the spacecraft, which is sent to the search for new worlds. About five thousand passengers are in cryogenic sleep system that allows them to fly in space indefinitely. As conceived by the creators of the project, so it should last as long as the ship reaches the planet habitable for humans.

Everything went according to plan until such time as the two capsules with passengers has become out of order, and the main characters of the film «Passengers» — Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) and Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) — woke up to 90 years ahead of schedule. This means that the rest of life they will spend together in a spaceship, equipped with the latest technological developments. Over time, Aurora and Jim begin to feel sympathy for each other, but suddenly their ship faces mortal danger that threatens not only the two of them, but the sleeping passengers.

The main heroes have to prevent the deaths of 5,000 people. Initially, the title role in the film «Passengers» claimed Keanu Reeves, but later the role went to Chris Pratt. In an interview with Jennifer Lawrence admitted that before shooting the kiss with Chris Pratt she had a few drinks. According to the actress, it was very difficult to kiss a married man.

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